The Chawkers Foundation

The Chawkers Foundation’s objectives are to aid charities working in the field of environmental research and protection, and of education. The foundation has also included the arts and cultural work, and support for long-form non-fiction, in the scope of its means and objectives. The Chawkers Foundation was created in 1988 with a sole donation from Charles S. Alexander, a resident of Montreal and Quebec’s Cantons de l’Est. The Foundation’s board of directors meets twice yearly in Toronto.

We are very sad to announce that Mr. Charles Alexander passed away on Friday, November 18th, 2016 in Cowansville, Quebec. His leadership, generosity, insight and commitment to new ideas to meet Canada’s challenges will be very much missed.

In 2003, Chawkers committed to providing the funding necessary for launching the Walrus Magazine, with a mandate to promote discourse about matters vital to Canadians. Chawkers continues to aid the Walrus Foundation by supplying funds to support writers and artists, and to train young journalists.

CRA Registration # 119222040RR0001. Chawkers makes grants only to registered Canadian charities.

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